Wash in Place

On-Site Carpet Cleaning Methods: Depending on the intensity of use of your carpet or how dirty it is, on-site carpet cleaning methods may vary.

The most commonly preferred methods are divided into 5 main categories: shampooing, steam washing, foam washing, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning. Regardless of the method chosen, the carpet cleaning company first sweeps all the carpets to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Washing in Place with Shampooing: The in-place carpet cleaning method, which includes shampooing, is probably the least effective method. Special shampoos are applied to the carpet by using a carpet washing machine. Then, the carpet shampoo is pulled from the carpet by vacuuming. Carpets not only look good, they also smell nice because they contain shampoo or detergent, shine and perfume. However, its effect is limited as it is not a deep washing method.

In-Site Carpet Cleaning with Steam: Steam-in-place carpet cleaning is the most effective carpet cleaning method among surface washing methods. Thanks to carpet washing machines, a solution mixed with hot water and shampoo is injected into the carpet.

The mixture is then forcefully pulled back by the machine and removes as much dirt and germs as possible, leaving the carpet as clean and fragrant as possible.

Carpet Cleaning On-Site with Bonnet: The Bonnet on-site carpet cleaning method is performed by applying a chemical detergent to the carpet and removing the dirt with a rotary cleaning machine and an absorbent pad. The floor carpet cleaning method with Bonnet is generally used in commercial buildings. It is not used in homes like other on-site carpet cleaning methods, because it is for the maintenance or cleaning of industrial carpets rather than providing deep cleaning. There is also the possibility of damaging the fibers from which most home carpets are made.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: The dry cleaning method is ideal because you don't have to wait for the carpet to dry. This type of carpet cleaning is accomplished by covering the carpet with a cleaning powder that attracts dirt like a magnet. After the dust is processed into the carpet, it is completely vacuumed.

Carpet Washing in Place with Foam: Foaming in-situ carpet washing method is an intermediate way of shampooing and dry cleaning. A very small amount of water is used with the foam, the foam penetrates the carpet and adheres to the dirt. When the foam penetrates the carpet, it is completely vacuumed, so most of the water, detergent and dirt are removed.

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