Silk Carpet

The biggest problem in washing silk carpets is the mixing of colors during washing. The washing of such carpets must be done one by one. In silk carpet washing, as soon as the carpet that is free of coarse dirt and dust is wetted, the brushing process is started without wasting any time. After the brushing process, it is rinsed with a squeegee again quickly and rapidly. If the carpet is long-pile, it can also be applied back and forth before the one-way squeegee to allow the carpet shampoo to penetrate between the pile and pile. It is also important that the shampoo used is suitable for the qualities of these carpets.


In addition, when washing such carpets, adding active chlorine compatible with the shampoo into the water mixed with carpet shampoo is effective in providing shine and hygiene. After squeezing and rinsing, the washed carpet is taken to the spinning process without losing any time. Due to the possibility of leakage of the paint used during squeezing, it is again squeezed alone. The carpet, which is taken from the wringer, is immediately opened and placed on the hanger. We do not encounter any problems since our personnel who do the washing of silk carpets are experienced. This is as important as washing carpets without any problems.


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