1Why you need it cleaned rug cleaning?

Exterior from the remnants of dirt, dust, food, drink, rashes, bacteria, volatile organic compounds and many other contaminants over time your carpet fibers. If we simplify the function as a sink, washing the carpet. Collects all of the aforementioned contaminants and filter. This is the process of collecting and don't you breathe the air filter clean and provides a healthier environment is occurring.

2How often you need to get it cleaned my carpet right?

Carpet cleaning frequency, the number of the inhabitants of the House depending on the level of usage and will vary from House to House. The rooms can be used for more than 3-6 months, less frequently used feature, you'll need a clean 9-12 months. If your child, or if you have pets, whole House carpet cleaned at least twice a year to complete.

3I accidentally spilled liquid on the carpet, how can I speed to dry?

The carpet is dry; House nemine, temperature and fibers depends. To speed up the drying process, you can take advantage of the fan, Windows can leave 5-6 inches, you can open the heater (70-72 degrees) and more, you can leave the air conditioner in hot weather. Pay particular attention as it passes into the ground hard from the damp carpet. Hard floors will be slippery. As little as possible on the carpet has completely dried interrupts try to provide. If you have pets in the process of drying out on the carpet to make an effort to walking.

4Heavy furniture and can be relieved by traces of pothole resulting from sharp objects?

The Elimination of this kind cannot be guaranteed to pitting. In this situation the heat, humidity, and carpet cleaning hand tools can contribute certain of. Carpet washing process can contribute to the solution of the problem, though it can take some time to return to his old self on the carpet. In severe cases such damage may be permanent.

5Carpet cleaning is useful in matters of health, allergies?

Yes; your carpet, upholstery, you clean your regular and informed many allergies caused by carcinogenic substances and other pollutants to eliminate and will allow you to breathe better. Properly cleaned and maintained without carpets and fabrics in the building and home environment has the potential to create a variety of health problems.

6Carpet old, am I supposed to change?

Today, replacing the carpet is quite costly, and it's best for items such as carpets, kilims are used primarily for professional carpet cleaning companies is to clean. This is less expensive and can make a difference.

7Carpet cleaning-carpet after gets dirty quickly?

Some home owners, carpet cleaning the carpet more quickly after they have expressed concerns about the resulting products. This concern, many cleaning company to perform the cleaning operation due to improperly. Many of these companies, to save you time and avoid the cheapest cleaning fluids are used, do not properly training their employees, and to resolve a separate rinse the detergent remains insufficiently process. If carpet washing and carpet care in a conscious way is taken and the carpet detergent is left again fouling process will accelerate.

8What should I observe when collecting rugs?

The areas to be cleared is fragile goods, you must move to a safe place. Tables, pictures, lamps, memorabilia, etc. should be removed. Carpets, cuddle roll serializing carpet on top of the surface on the inside.

9Carpet washing what are the contributions?

Carpets clean, is the source of every home owner to boast. Especially because of the dirty carpet of meeting guests is not wanted, carpet cleaning is that many women are among the essential services. Customer satisfaction is important in the workplace, is a condition that cannot be compensated for the fact that the carpet dirty. Dirty carpets, leaves a negative impression on the customers. That's why, in carpets, 3 or 6 months, should be washed by a carpet-cleaning professional. Professional carpet-cleaning firm on a periodic basis by cleaning the rugs made, healthy environments for the creation of matter.

10Carpet cleaning price varies, depending on the type of carpet?

Carpets will be applied on to show the differences in its technical and also may differ. Therefore, as an example, with the price of a silk carpet cleaning machine made the difference in price between will occur.

11I wash the stains on my carpet right. What should I do?

If your carpet is from the company that you keep information about why the stain can't be evicted after receiving the next answer probably should be used to get the stain out of the chemicals will harm your will in the direction of the State. At this point you must decide. Your rug stain to be applied on the spot is not to be used with the chemical process creating a folding havoc oluşturmayacağına the necessary information on carpet cleaning company must decide after receiving.

12What kind of detergent do you use?

Our factory as a professional carpet-cleaning detergent factory choice of Antibacterial carpet shampoo. The best thing for you and your family.

13You use the water hole or pond water?

We have used the wash water is tap water carpet that is drinking water from home in this way, we use purified water.

14Washed my carpet in the winter?

You can wash the carpets in winter. Free service is taken from your home, your carpet is washed and hot-air blowers drying rooms after drying completely packaged and delivered to your home in a way.

15Characteristics of a good hand-woven carpet?

There are many kinds of hand woven carpet. Changes in their material. Wool, cotton and silk ones. A good hand it is very difficult to understand which is which carpet. It is necessary to pay attention to some criteria. Moulds with mould should be of high quality. Material yünse most beautiful wool, if ipekse bursa koza silk is very good around the world. Double knot be so it is important to do with Yu Turkish node node. The root must be paint. The most important feature of root dye gradually more tune. The Chinese-made fake wool carpet on the market a large number of you need to be aware of. The most important feature of this copy of the phrase is the only node in our carpet, madder is used for quickly frayed and they deteriorate.

16How to wash a wool carpet?

Wool carpets-carpet worthy as it is, you will need to choose very good firm monev. Maddiyatının, as well as the spirituality of the ancient carpets. Especially this kind of washing your rug to get poor results over the years who are doing this have the necessary equipment and experienced firms should choose. Wool rugs home and garden environment yıkanmamaktadır. Because the excess water quickly washed carpet disposed, because the paint will give the root color carpet and unfortunately will be corrupted.

17What is that on the carpet mites?

Living carpet mites (mite) and asthma-causing mites is part of human skin in the carpet and bed linen. According to research just about a man's body from the day 1-3 grams of dead skin where, roughly 4 kilograms of dust in a house the average magnitude occurred, this dust has been found in many of the allergic disease. Still, as a result of the research, the amount of dust has been collected to trigger the allergy is the most dangerous region in homes is the most dangerous point of the House of carpet used House entry, the second zone of the carpets up to researchers to conclude that: "almost all the houses you're allergic to mites in an important manufacturer. Hot, humid environments. Carpets, top hairy parts very rigid prefer to escape the base section. You are using your rug and intensive cleaning every week, do the normal, once a month. Contact a professional at least once a year, the firm says it is ". The consequences of this research suggests that the most contact with the carpet in the homes of people in terms of the health of a potential danger is the fact that it is not hard to understand. Besides, due to the nature of the people of the Turkish family carpet feels obliged to wash every year. The fact that rapidly growing need to apartmanlaşma the sheer number of workers today have to miss both the socio-economic structure changing of Turkish carpet-cleaning business to become an industry. In recent years, serious, professional carpet cleaning company, just to earn money, especially on behalf of car wash services have begun to do this job. Not enough information about the sector, hardware and equipment that does not have this type of work places non-sanitary conditions he was in a tough spot with their service consumer unconsciously professional carpet cleaning companies will also adversely affect perspective.