Important Announcement to Consumers

Dear Consumers; washing carpets is an important and sensitive job. Carpet washing is a job that requires meticulousness, requires fine work and attention to details. Carpet type; It must be subjected to a process that must be classified according to its type, color, texture and must be cleaned accordingly. For this reason, it is useful to deliver your carpets or armchairs to reliable and experts in the field.

Unfortunately, businesses that are growing rapidly due to the lack of any standards and the fact that they do not require certification to take part in this industry enter the category we call under the stairs, not only reducing the quality of the sector, but also reducing the quality of your belongings. feedback It also causes non-existent damage. As Gümüş Carpet Cleaning, which has proven itself in its sector, we are very uncomfortable with this situation. Our constant priority is the health of our customers and the hygiene of their belongings.

These types of businesses cannot clean your carpet in depth, and the cleaning products they use can also affect human health. Although they say that they apply a low price policy, in fact, this is because of the poor quality of the products they use and because they do not perform the required workmanship properly.

Silver Carpet Cleaning can give you the following advice at this point;

1)Deliver your carpets to reliable companies.
2) Find out the address of the carpet cleaning company.
3) Contact the companies that give importance to health and hygiene.
4) If necessary, visit the carpet washing factory.
5) Get information about carpet washing steps.