Carpet Care and Use at Home

As Gümüş Carpet Cleaning takes care of all your carpets individually, another type of carpet that requires more precision is hand-woven carpets, which we call handicraft.

Hand woven carpets are extremely sensitive and precious carpets made with the double weaving technique using the highest quality wool yarns and root dyes or chemical dyes. It is necessary to be experienced in the cleaning process of hand-woven carpets in which both dyes are used. Otherwise, irreversible problems may occur.

At this point, it is beneficial to entrust your carpet to reliable hands.

How to clean hand woven carpet?

Periodically care for your hand-woven carpet to have a long-lasting and bright appearance. For this, vacuum once or twice a week in the direction where the hair is lying.

Due to its delicate structure, the most suitable cleaning method for your hand-woven carpets is professional carpet cleaning companies.

Things to consider in hand-woven carpet cleaning:

• Never use water to clean your hand-woven carpet. The dye used in these carpets can dissolve when it comes into contact with water.

• Don't shake your hand-woven carpet, they can stretch.

• Take care to keep your hand-woven carpet away from moisture and humidity. If your carpet is damp, make sure to ventilate it.

• Do not bleach the fringes of your hand-woven carpets with substances such as bleach, and do not comb them with combs or similar tools. These processes may cause the eaves to fall out.

• Hand-woven carpets should never be given for dry cleaning.

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