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Carpet Usage Recommendations

Timely, Correct Intervention for Stains;

Contrary to the saying, "What you can't see doesn't bother you," spots you can't see or interfere with can certainly bother you. In cases where timely and conscious intervention is not made, it may become impossible to remove stains. Especially immediately after spilling something on the carpet, the liquids formed on the carpet should be removed by absorbing a dry or damp cloth or paper towel.

In this way, it is aimed to prevent or remove stains that may occur on the carpet more easily. When any stain occurs, intervene with the guidance of a professional carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Care and Use at Home;

Sweep your carpets at regular intervals (on average 3 times a week) with a vacuum cleaner without too much effort. Scrubbing while wiping your carpet will cause the dirt to be pushed to the bottom of the carpet surface, so it may cause a misleading cleaning appearance and cause the stains to settle more on the carpet. Placing items with sharp, pointed feet on the carpet may cause physical damage to your carpet. Be careful to store the carpet you are not using in rolls and horizontally.

Worn fringes of your hand-woven carpets; it needs to be repaired before it starts affecting the carpet. In such carpets, original fringe should be preferred instead of overlocked.

Real Carpet Cleaning;

Improper cleaning procedures applied by car washes or unconscious carpet washing companies and the use of unsuitable cleaning agents have negative consequences in terms of both health and the preservation of carpet quality. Even if the carpets that are not cleaned well look clean, they may cause early contamination as the dirt left in the pile gaps will come to the surface in a short time after coming home.

100% Drying;

Carpets that cannot be fully dried even if they feel dry; It can cause the carpet to rot due to the moisture remaining between the piles. In addition, a suitable ground is prepared for micro-organism activities that may pose a threat to health due to the effect of humidity. Drying the carpet by leaving it in direct sunlight also creates bad results for its colors and texture.

It is in your hand to slow down the wear;

The most stressed areas of the carpet are the places where people constantly walk, work or have household items such as furniture. Like all textile products, carpets will eventually show signs of wear where they are used a lot. Even professional carpet cleaning companies can't do much about these worn areas. Cleaning a 10-year-old carpet will result in a clean 10-year-old carpet. The easiest way to slow down this wear process is to change the layout of furniture and household items that put pressure on the carpet, or to put a piece of rug in areas that are heavily pressed.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency;

Although the frequency of carpet cleaning varies according to the number of people living in the house and the level of use, deep carpet cleaning is recommended every 3-6 months for rooms that are used more frequently, and every 9-12 months for rooms that are used less frequently. Apart from these situations, if you have children or pets, you should have all the carpets in the house cleaned 2-3 times a year. Even a clean used carpet should be cleaned on average every 6 months in terms of hygiene.

You can consult Silver Carpet Cleaning to develop a regular maintenance plan that will keep your carpets clean and protect your family's health.

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