Carpet washing

Bacteria and dust residues accumulate on the surface of carpets over time, which greatly affects human health.Your cleaning efforts at home remain only superficial cleaning, and you cause dirt and bacteria to go deep and settle permanently.At this point, it is beneficial to leave your carpet in professional hands who know the job for your health and the life of your carpet.


Being a professional company in the field of Gümüş Carpet Cleaning and working with the latest technology machines with its professional team, it provides deep cleaning of your carpet without deforming.

Our carpet washing process consists of the following stages: 


- When you call us, our service receives your carpets from your door and classifies them by coding.

- Carpets undergo stain control before washing and then the dusting process is performed. During this process, the carpet is subjected to high whipping and vibration with a specially designed machine. 

- If there are stains formed on your carpet, our team performs cleaning work on the stain with special stain remover shampoos.

- It goes through a deep washing process with softening, ultraviolet ray, ozone-prepared solution in our automatic machine.

- After the washing process is carried out, the carpets are taken to a special drying room for the drying process and dried and cleaned from moisture.

- Your drying carpets are folded properly to prevent them from deforming and delivered to your door on the specified date.

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