Seat coach

How clean are the sofas, the place where you spend most of your day or when you come home from work, the first place you leave yourself?


How often do you clean and how well do you clean your seats, where you have pleasant moments, host your guests, and serve as a climbing wall for your children when they are growing up? Our company, which is a pioneer in carpet cleaning in Alanya, cleans your seats in accordance with the hygiene rules and tries to ensure that you sit in peace with your family.


Our company, which is as close as a phone call, can leave your seats in expert and reliable hands on the day and time you want, and you can get them like the first day. This process, which requires experience on its own, allows you to receive it without damaging the texture, structure and fabric of your seat by using professional staff and quality products. And how do we save it from being a nest of germs?


First of all, your seats are vacuumed and cleaned of dust with our machines with high suction power. The sofa fabric is examined and a washing shampoo suitable for the structure of the fabric is selected. First of all, the sofa is wetted by sprinkling with water with a special mixture. The reason why it is kept waiting by sprinkling with mixed water is that most of the dirt and stains are cleaned by this water. Thus, the remaining stubborn stains, if any, are to be cleaned. Our next action is to concentrate on these stains. With the help of sensitive brushes that will not damage the fabric, the problem area is cleaned from the stain. Afterwards, the entire fabric on the sofa is washed with the spray and suction system, making it hygienic. After the washing process is finished, the final checks are made and the room where the seat is located is definitely ventilated. You can sit on your hygienic and clean sofa with peace of mind.

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